Famous Wilkinsons

Wilkinsons have been active throughout history in a variety of noteworthy ways. This page serves as a central depository for Wilkinson bragging rites.

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  • Bluey Wilkinson: Australian speedway champion.
  • Bobby Wilkinson: Stadium Superintendent of Yankee Stadium.
  • Bud Wilkinson: The coach of the University of Oklahoma Sooners football team during their glory years.
  • George Wilkinson: Member of the Great Britiain Water Polo team and gold medal winner, 1900, 1908, and 1912.
  • Howard Wilkinson: Coach of the Leeds Football team (League Title in 1991-92). He was name Caretaker Manager of the England Football Team in 1999.
  • Keith Wilkinson: British national silver medal, 1973 Water Polo championships.
  • Kim Wilkinson: Swam for Great Britain in 200m backstroke at 1976 Montreal Olympics. She held numerous British junior and senior records spanning several events.
  • Laura A. Wilkinson: Cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens football team
  • Laura Wilkinson: The United States National Champion in both Olympic Diving events in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Gold Medal winner in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia and Wheaties Box covergirl, Laura's diving accomplishments are too legion to list here.
  • Paul Wilkinson: Retired English football striker and coach.

Journalism and Writing

  • Alec Wilkinson: A well-known New Yorker and Esquire writer and the author of at least four nonfiction books.
  • Alexis Wilkinson: Alexis Wilkinson was first African American president of The Harvard Lampoon, was on the writing staff of Veep and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and she is a contributing writer to The New Yorker.
  • Alissa Wilkinson: Staff critic at Vox.com.
  • Anne Wilkinson: A Canadian poet and writer, part of the modernist movement in Canadian poetry in the 1940s and 1950s.
  • Bruce H. Wilkinson: The author of the bestseller "The Prayer of Jabez" and other books
  • Glenn Wilkinson: U. of Calgary Historian, Professor, and Author of many works.
  • Keith Wilkinson: Of Central News West is an award-winning journalist with legions of emailing fans who long for him to be included on this page.
  • Kerry Wilkinson: The niece of Reg Smythe - the Andy Capp cartoonist for many worldwide newspapers.
  • Paul Wilkinson: The author of "Construction Collaboration Technologies: the Extranet Evolution"
  • Scott Wilkinson: Admin of this site and author of the sometimes-seller Telecommedy.
  • Signe Wilkinson: Political cartoonist extraordinaire.
  • Stephan Wilkinson: A writer with frequent contributions to Air & Space Smithsonian, Town & Country, Conde Nast Traveler, Delta's Sky Magazine, and Bloomberg Personal. He has also written three films that have been nominated for Academy Awards in the short-documentary category.
  • Tracy Wilkinson: Staff writer with the LA Times.


  • Aaron Wilkinson: Irish Singer/Songwriter.
  • Alice Wilkinson: Extraordinary pianist and aunt.
  • Amanda and Tyler Wilkinson are "Small Town Pistols": The band formerly known as The Wilkinsons
  • James Wilkinson: New Zealand guitarist, best known internationally for his work in Europe and Australia with the Celtic band Rua.
  • Jeff Wilkinson: Folk singer.
  • John Wilkinson: The lead guitarist of a very famous (no.1 album) English group in the 70's called Dr. Feelgood. He lives in Southend-on Sea in Essex, England. His stage name was Wilko Johnson.
  • Mark Wilkinson (aka Wilkinson): A British drum and bass music producer and DJ from London
  • Randy Wilkinson: Dulcimer player.
  • Sue G. Wilkinson: Atlanta-based singer.
  • Sunny Wilkinson: Jazz singer.
  • The Wilkinsons: The wildly popular country music group, performers of the hit single 26 cents.
  • Wilkinson James: A Minneapolis based band that defies description.

The Arts

  • Adrienne Wilkinson: Famous Brunette. Perhaps you remember her from "Xena: Warrior Princess".
  • Colm Wilkinson - Broadway Star: Star of many shows, including Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables.
  • Florence Wilkinson: Poet better known for her affair with S. S. McClure (McClure's magazine founder) which began the process of the magazine breaking apart. As detailed in a chapter "The Bully Pulpit) by Doris Kearns Goodwin.
  • Joe Wilkinson: English comedian, actor, and writer.
  • June Wilkinson: Famous pinup girl. Besides being called "the bosom", a nickname given to her by Hugh Hefner, June has also been referred to as "the world's most photographed woman". June also appeared in many B-Movies, including her debut topless scene in Russ Meyer's " The Immortal Mr. Teas ".
  • Ken Wilkinson: Host of a nationally syndicated cable television show named Cable Cookery in the mid eighties.
  • Kendra Wilkinson: Playboy Playmate, star of the reality shows "Kendra" and "The Girls Next Door", and one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends.
  • Mark Wilkinson: A furniture designer who has been given the Keys to the City of London, made a Fellow of the Design Institute, has given Keynote addresses to The Institute of American Architects, awarded the Queens award for industry several times, dined with the Royals and had tea in the gardens of Buckingham Palace on several occasions.
  • Michael Wilkinson: Costume designer for many films, including Terminator: Salvation, Watchmen, and 300.
  • Michael Wilkinson: A talented and successful sculptor.
  • Naomi Wilkinson: British children's television presenter.
  • Sarah Wilkinson Art: Sarah has done art and illustration for plenty of well known franchises including star wars, star trek, marvel and DC comics, and lord of the rings.
  • The Wilkinson Family: Propmasters on the movie "Titanic".
  • Tom Wilkinson: A prolific screen actor, the starring and supporting actor of many films, twice nominated for an Academy Award.


  • Beth Wilkinson: Prosecutor for the Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols trials (the bombers in Oklahoma City).
  • Ernest L. Wilkinson: Prominent attorney and president of BYU University from 1950's through 1970's https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ernest_L._Wilkinson


  • Bert Wilkinson: Known in San Juan County New Mexico and Durango, Colorado as being a member of the "Stockton" gang.
  • Daniel Wilkinson: The last person to be executed in Maine - for the murder of a police officer.
  • Grant Wilkinson: Sentenced to life imprisonment in the UK for converting replica firearms to fire live ammunition.


  • Ellen Wilkinson: Member of Parliament for Jarrow, Jarrow March leader, Minster of Education in Clement Attlee's 1945 Labour Government.
  • Jim Wilkinson: Deputy Communications Director to President George W. Bush in the White House.
  • Joe Wilkinson: A Republican representing Atlanta (District 52) in the GA House of Representative.
  • Joseph Wilkinson: Member of the Convention of Maryland which ratified the Federal Constitution April 21 - 29, 1788.
  • Josiah Henry Wilkinson: Somehow ended up as the owner of Oliver Cromwell's embalmed head. His descendant, Dr. H. N. S. Wilkinson, donated the head to Cambridge in 1960.
  • Lloyd Wilkinson: Elected 1900 as speaker of the House of Delegates of Maryland.
  • Perry O. Wilkinson: Speaker of the Maryland House of Delegates 1959.
  • Ruth Wilkinson: (Daughter of Samuel & Plain Wickenden) was the mother of Stephen Hopkins, Governor of RI and the very last signer of the Declaration of Independence.
  • Thomas H. Wilkinson: Elected Dec.1819 to the Governor's council of Maryland.
  • Thomas Wilkinson: An important figure in the Wicklow Brigade of the Irish Republican Army.
  • Wallace G. Wilkinson: Governor of Kentucky from 1987-1991.
  • William Wilkinson: British Consul to the principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia, his book was Bram Stoker's source for the name "Dracula".


  • Alfred Robert Wilkinson: Victoria Cross recipient.
  • Eugene P. Wilkinson: First Commander of the first nuclear powered submarine - the Nautilus
  • General James Wilkinson: Commander of the US Army under President George Washington and a participant in the Aaron Burr conspiracy.
  • John R. Wilkinson: Killed at the Battle of Little Big Horn (Custer's Last Stand).
  • Ken Wilkinson: WW2 ace who flew Hurricane fighter planes during WW2 as a pilot at the famed Biggin Hill RAF base.
  • Lt. (later Capt.) John Wilkinson: Resigned his commission in the US Navy to join the Confederate Navy. As a well-known blockade runner, first with the Giraffe, renamed the Lee, he ran the blockades outside Wilmington NC 21 times. During these runs, he invented the ruse of the smoke screen to cover his escape from pursuit. His book Narrative of a Blockade Runner, published in 1877, covers his experiences.
  • Norman Wilkinson: The father of Dazzle Camouflage.
  • Theodore Stark Wilkinson: Vice Admiral of the US Navy and Medal of Honor recipient.
  • Thomas Orde Lawder Wilkinson: Recipient of the Victoria Cross in WWI.
  • Thomas Wilkinson: Victoria Cross recipient.

Business and Industry

  • Cynthia Wilkinson: The 1998 Nanny of the Year, awarded by the International Nanny Association (INA).
  • Daryl Wilkinson: Of Adelaide, Australia held the record for the largest commercial radio broadcast in the Southern Hemisphere, prior to the introduction of satellite broadcast.
  • Dr. J. Malcolm Wilkinson: The managing Director of Technology for Industry, UK
  • John Wilkinson: Ironbridge, England sponsor.
  • Karen Wilkinson: The National Apartment Association Certified Maintenance Technician of the Year in 2000.
  • William Boutland Wilkinson: Of Newcastle upon Tyne (England) held an 1854 patent for iron concrete composite floors and is acknowledged as one of the leading people in developing reinforced concrete.


  • Albert E. Wilkinson: The agriculture department at the University of Connecticut has named a scholarship for this noted agriculturalist.
  • Anna Wilkinson: Ig Nobel prize winner for her work on yawning turtles.
  • Charles Smith Wilkinson: Considered one of the top 1000 people to Influence Australia. First surveyor general of New South Wales, he conducted the first geological survey of the country and discovered how rich it was in minerals and coal. He also recommended and oversaw the drilling of the first bore water hole and was trained by Richard Daintree.
  • Dr. David T. Wilkinson: A Princeton professor and scientist, he was one of the foremost experts on the Big Bang and resultant cosmic radiation. The Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe, launched by NASA in 2001, was named for him.
  • John Gardner Wilkinson: One of the founders of Egyptology, designated tomb KV 5 in 1827 - the fifth tomb beyond the entrance to KV, the Kings' Valley. The tomb turned out to be the largest ever found in the Valley of the Kings - the burial place of many of the sons of Rameses.
  • Richard Wilkinson: Public health researcher and TED speaker.
  • Sir Denys Haigh Wilkinson: British nuclear physicist and inventor of the Wilkinson A/D Converter. In 2001 the Nuclear Physics Laboratory at the University of Oxford, which he had helped to create, was renamed in his honor.
  • Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson: Of London won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1973.


  • Dr. James R. Wilkinson: Presbyterian medical missionary and founder of the old Wilkinson Hospital in Soochow, China (from South Carolina).
  • Gladys Wilkinson: Of Whitstable, Kent, England, she was awarded the O.B.E. by Queen Elizabeth for many years of work in rehabilitating young criminals.
  • Rev. Samuel Wilkinson: He was the head of the "Mission to the Jews" in England in the 19th century.


  • Glenn Wilkinson, FDNY: Killed in the 9/11 attacks on New York.
  • Jane Wilkinson Long: Considered the "Mother of Texas" having given birth to the first child of European descent in Texas.
  • Jemima Wilkinson: Also called "the Universal Friend", she founded a religion in the US in the 1770s.


  • Anne Wilkinson: Of the Australian Soap "Neighbours" (played by Brooke Satchwell).
  • Earl Wilkinson: The convict turned replacement football player in the movie "The Replacements" (played by Michael Jace).
  • Mr. Wilkinson: The music director on the television show That 70s Show, played by Roger Daltry of The Who.
  • Mr. Wilkinson (aka Mr. Slugworth): Willy Wonka's assistant in the chocolate factory (played by Gunter Meisner).
  • Mrs. Wilkinson: The dance instructor in the movie "Billy Elliott" (played by Julie Walters).
  • Ranger Wilkinson: In Supernatural (TV). Played by Timothy Weber
  • Robert Wilkinson: Serial killer on the TV show Criminal Minds, played by Matt Hoffman.

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