Albert BERNSTEIN / Christine Margaret SIENER

Husband: Albert BERNSTEIN

Born: ABT 1878at: Marshall, TX
Married: at:
Died: UNKNOWNat:
Father: Charles Issac BERNSTEIN
Mother: Emma ?
Spouses: Christine Margaret SIENER
Notes: [N01I000] [N01I02089]

Wife: Christine Margaret SIENER

Born: ABT 1881at:
Died: UNKNOWNat:
Father: Frank Adam SIENER
Mother: Margaret Fredricka HERZLER
Spouses: Albert BERNSTEIN
Notes: [N01I000] [N01I01963]


Name: Ursula Florence BERNSTEIN [N01I000] [N01I02111]
Born: 16 Mar 1904at: New Orleans, LA
Married: 12 Dec 1923at:
Died: 5 Jul 1990at: San Antonio, TX
Spouses: Charles Tolbert WILKINSON


[N01I000] [N01I02089] [N01I000] [N01I01963] [N01I000] [N01I02111]

[512] [S01003342]

[413] [S01003342]

[523] [S01003342]

  • DATA:

    Certificate Number 25567 Book #129, Folio 396 14 June 1943

[524] [S01003184]

  • PAGE: Section I
  • DATA:

    Middle name not listed. Cites birth date.

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