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This site is devoted to the Wilkinson family name. It includes information on the Wilkinson Coat of Arms, genealogical information related to Wilkinsons, links to home pages of Wilkinsons on the Web, links to Wilkinson-related pages on the web, e-mail addresses, and other Wilkinson-related information.

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The Wilkinson Genealogy Page is your first stop for Wilkinson family history. This page is only as good as user submissions, any and all submissions are encouraged and accepted. There are links to genealogy pages with Wilkinsons as well as lists of Wilkinsons already submitted.
The Wilkinson Bookstore was once a part of another page, but Wilkinsons are such prolific writers, it became a page of its own. Look here for books written by and about Wilkinsons.
Coat of Arms
The Coat of Arms Page contains a copy of the Wilkinson Coat of Arms as well as descriptions of alternative coats of arms from users around the globe. Take a look, take a copy, send in an alternative. This is one of the more popular pages at this site.
Home Pages
The Wilkinsons Home Pages Page contains links to home pages of Wilkinsons aroung the globe. Browse the sites, look for a friend or relative's page, add a link, or just start surfing.
The Wilkinson-Related Pages Page is one of the most interesting pages at the site. There are links to pages about noteworthy Wilkinsons, things named for Wilkinsons, Wilkinson-related buisnesses, and a section on pages administered by Wilkinsons. Find out about the famous Wilkinsons, see what Wilkinsons are doing, or submit your own link.
The Wilkinson E-Mail Page is another very popular page. This is a list of e-mail addresses for people on the net with the name Wilkinson (first, middle, or last). There are over 1000 names and addresses listed, so this page will take a while to load. Find a lost friend or relative, look for that lost address, add or delete your address, or just admire the number of technically-adept Wilkinsons out there.
Announcements Wilkinson Announcements People occasionally write to this site with interesting facts about Wilkinsons of the past and present. These messages don't really fit anywhere else on the site, so this page has been created as a repository for Wilkinson-related announcements. Please feel free to submit anything that you think is newsworthy. In March of 2010, this page was converted into a bulletin board. The older posts can be viewed in The Wilkinson Announcements Archive.
Famous Wilkinsons This page lists famous Wilkinsons through history. The famous and infamous are all gathering here, but there are still more to be added. If you know of a missing famous Wilkinson, please contact this site.
Comments Comment Forum If you would like to add a link to any of these pages, remove a link, add a comment to your link, or send a comment on the site in general, please use the comment forum, a bulletin board system set up to allow you to pontificate on all things Wilkinson. If you want to contact the site administrator for any other reason, please read the Contact Page first.
Gus Wilkinson Diary The content of the diary of William Augustus Wilkinson of Wilkinson County, Mississippi, USA has been donated to this site. It has been converted to html, and you are invited to browse the converted text. "Gus" started every entry with the weather, even the days when people were born, married, or died. An interesting look into the life of an American farmer in the 1800s.

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