Samuel MARSHALL / Joanna COOKE

Husband: Samuel MARSHALL

Born: at:
Married: at:
Died: UNKNOWNat:
Father: Samuel MARSHALL
Mother: Abigail PHELPS
Spouses: Joanna COOKE
Notes: [N01I000]

Wife: Joanna COOKE

Born: at:
Died: UNKNOWNat:
Father: Josiah COOK
Mother: Joanna KELSY
Spouses: Samuel MARSHALL
Notes: [N01I000]


Name: Joanna MARSHALL [N01I000]
Born: 27 Oct 1749at:
Married: 12 Feb 1767at:
Died: 26 Jun 1787at: Bloomfield, CT
Spouses: Matthew CADWELL


[N01I000] [N01I000] [N01I000]

[319] [S01002307]

[40] [S01002307]

[316] [S01002307]

[317] [S01001884]

  • NOTE:

    [318] Cites birth date, marriage date, death date and place.

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