John CADWELL / Abigail HILLS

Husband: John CADWELL

Born: 1734at:
Married: at:
Died: 7 May 1782at:
Father: John CADWELL
Mother: Dorothy KILBOURN
Spouses: Abigail HILLS
Notes: [N01I000]

Wife: Abigail HILLS

Born: at:
Died: UNKNOWNat:
Spouses: John CADWELL
Notes: [N01I000]


Name: John CADWELL [N01I000]
Born: 9 Jan 1758at:
Married: at: East Hartford, CT
Died: 7 May 1782at:
Spouses: Annar ATWELL

Name: Susannah CADWELL [N01I000]
Born: BEF 26 Oct 1760at:
Died: UNKNOWNat:

Name: David CADWELL [N01I000]
Born: BEF 26 May 1765at:
Died: UNKNOWNat:

Name: Esther CADWELL [N01I000]
Born: BEF 6 Dec 1767at:
Died: UNKNOWNat:


[N01I000] [N01I000] [N01I000] [N01I000] [N01I000] [N01I000]

[1535] [S01001884]

  • NOTE:

    [1536] Cites birth date, death date.

[212] [S01001884]

[1529] [S01001884]

  • NOTE:

    [1530] Cites birth date, death date, marriage place.

[2015] [S01001884]

  • NOTE:

    [2016] Cites baptized date.

[1161] [S01001884]

  • NOTE:

    [1162] Cites baptized date.

[1345] [S01001884]

  • NOTE:

    [1346] Cites baptized date.

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