Thomas WILKINSON Jr. / Sarah BAKER

Husband: Thomas WILKINSON Jr.

Born: ABT 1833at: Greene Co., PA
Married: 12 Feb 1858at: Monongalia Co., VA (WV)
Died: ABT 24 Sep 1924at:
Father: Thomas WILKINSON Sr.
Mother: Matilde (Sarah) HUNT
Spouses: Sarah BAKER
Notes: [N03I000] [N03I099]

Wife: Sarah BAKER

Born: Aug 1836at: WV
Died: UNKNOWNat:
Spouses: Thomas WILKINSON Jr.
Notes: [N03I000] [N03I147]


Name: Arrabel 'Belle' WILKINSON [N03I000] [N03I086]
Born: 8 Sep 1861at: Dist. 2, Monongalia, VA (WV)
Died: 1918at:

Name: Henry E. WILKINSON [N03I000] [N03I092]
Born: Jun 1863at: WV
Married: ABT 1890at:
Died: UNKNOWNat:
Spouses: Unknown (3)

Name: Daniel WILKINSON [N03I000]
Born: 1866at: IA
Died: UNKNOWNat:

Name: Eugenius WILKINSON [N03I000]
Born: 1869at: IA
Died: UNKNOWNat:

Name: George William WILKINSON [N03I000] [N03I090]
Born: Jan 1872at: IA
Married: 4 Jun 1898at: Monongalia Co., WV
Died: UNKNOWNat:
Spouses: Ettie STONE


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