William TOUGH / Joanna UNKNOWN

Husband: William TOUGH

Born: 1513at: Rothely, Leichester, England
Married: at:
Died: ABT 1542at:
Father: William TOUGH
Mother: Agnes UNKNOWN
Spouses: Joanna UNKNOWN
Notes: [N01I000] [N01I02248]

Wife: Joanna UNKNOWN

Born: ABT 1515at: England
Died: UNKNOWNat:
Spouses: William TOUGH
Notes: [N01I000] [N01I00153]


Name: Thomas TOUGH [N01I000]
Born: at: Mountsorrel, Rothley, Leichester, England
Married: at:
Died: 24 May 1586at: Mountsorrel, Barrow-Soar, Leichester, England
Spouses: Susan ?


[N01I000] [N01I02248] [N01I000] [N01I00153] [N01I000]

[548] [S01003050]

  • NOTE:

    [549] Cited in brackets. Cites marriage.

[16] [S01002323]

[17] [S01003050]

  • NOTE:

    [18] Cited in brackets.

[545] [S01002323]

[546] [S01003050]

  • NOTE:

    [547] Cites marriage.

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