Benjamin F. SMITH / Sarah Ann HAYNES

Husband: Benjamin F. SMITH

Born: at:
Married: 1846at:
Died: UNKNOWNat:
Spouses: Sarah Ann HAYNES
Notes: [N01I000] [N01I01996]

Wife: Sarah Ann HAYNES

Born: at:
Died: 21 Dec 1899at: Richmond, VA
Father: ? HAYNES
Mother: ? FORD
Spouses: Benjamin F. SMITH
Notes: [N01I000] [N01I00814]


Name: Sarah Elizabeth SMITH [N01I000] [N01I02021]
Born: 8 Feb 1851at: New Kent Co., VA
Married: 27 Dec 1875[3284] [3285] at:
Died: 16 Jul 1917at: Richmond, VA
Spouses: James Robert EDDENS


[N01I000] [N01I01996] [N01I000] [N01I00814] [N01I000] [N01I02021]

[202] [S01002972]

  • NOTE:

    [203] Cites death date, place, funeral, burial.

[439] [S01002783]

[440] [S01002756]

[441] [S01001933]

  • NOTE:

    [442] Cites birth date and place (Hanover Co., VA), death date and place, marriage date.

[443] [S01001952]

  • NOTE:

    [444] Cites birth date and place, death date and place. Cites marriage date.

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