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Requests and Messages from other Cadwell Genealogists

This page is intended to be your first step in tracing Cadwell genealogy. Users can submit files of their Cadwell-related genealogy to be added to the database at any time, free of charge. (GEDCOM format is preferred, but not required.) The only requirement is that the information be related to the Cadwell family tree.

There is a section on this page for books and documents relating to Cadwell genealogy. If you have a related book or document for sale, available for lookups, or ready for submission to the site, please feel free to contact the site and a reference will be added.

There are also links to genealogy pages on the web that contain references to Cadwells. I try to keep these links up to date, but it's easy to overlook a few new or obsolete links. Please let me know of any omissions or errors. Sites followed by the icon  were not reachable the last time I checked. Any site that is unreachable three times will be removed unless I am told otherwise. If your site has disappeared from the list, please check the Link Archive for a reason and send a message to add it back.

Finally, there is a section for the posting of requests for information from other Cadwell researchers. This section occupies a page of its own. Please feel free to contact anyone listed. Adding a request is free and easy. Please limit your requests to Cadwells, though.

In general, the best way to find those missing links using Cadwell Central site is:

  1. Submit a brief synopsis of who you are looking for to the requests page.
    It's easy to do, just follow the instructions.
  2. Search the requests page to see if another researcher has posted a familiar line.
  3. Search the Cadwell Genealogical Database for familiar names and contact the associated researcher.
  4. Submit as many details of your entire family tree as you would like to have published to the Cadwells Genealogical database for other researchers to search.
    It's free and easy. Nearly any format is accepted. Please write to scottw at wilkinsons dot com for details.
  5. Spend some time browsing the sites listed below.

Good luck on your search!


The Cadwell genealogical database is comprised of data I have collected combined with the data sent to me by other researchers who have requested inclusion. The database is managed with GED2HTML (shareware and registered). Note that some names may be duplicated if more than one researcher has submitted the same information. For information on a specific person, please send mail to the researcher listed as the source (if there is one for the person in whom you are interested).

(As of January, 1999 - due to regular complaints and the occasional threat of a lawsuit - all individuals in the database who are determined to be living are blanked out. Only their names remain. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I can't afford to pay legal costs.)

Click Here to Enter The Cadwell Central Genealogy Database.

(Latest Update: December, 2004)

People Researching Cadwells

By far the most popular line of Cadwells being researched is the Thomas Cadwell - Elizabeth Stebbins line, their descendants and ancestors. Listed below are each of the known or suspected children of Thomas and Elizabeth along with the names of researchers who are investigating that line.

At the end of the list of Thomas and Elizabeth's children is a section for all other Cadwell researchers. To add your name to either list, please contact Scott Wilkinson at (Click Here).

Click on the name of the child download a GEDCOM (zipped) of that child's descendants in the Cadwell Central database.

Cadwell Genealogy Documents

Family Information

Cadwells have prospered all over the United States and around the world. The surname Cadwell is the 9150th most popular surname in the United States according to the US Census name frequency server. According to Hamrick Software, there were about 1 Cadwell per 10,000 people in most US states in 1990, as shown in the picture below.  

Genealogy and Related Servers for Cadwells

Genealogy Projects

On-Line Information

Databases containing Cadwells run by individual researchers : Researcher Name (Number of Cadwells)

Genealogy Commercial Products

I personally manage my family tree with Family Tree Maker 2005 by My Family. It's good from a few names to many thousands of names. I prefer the standard version, but the Deluxe versions can be fun if you're just starting out. Or, if you're really cheap, you might find old Family Tree Maker 9.0 or 11 versions (back from when Broderbund ran the show) for sale secondhand.

Equal time for competing products. I can't vouch for them, but Amazon users have left some reviews that might be useful.

There are tons of books on Genealogy and on-line research. Some of the more interesting titles include the following.

The graphic below displays the currently most popular books at on Genealogy research. It's supposed to update every time you visit the page. Hopefully you'll find something of use if not this time, then perhaps the next time you visit.

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