Wilkinson / Cadwell Online Genealogy Database

This online database is meant to aid in genealogical reseach by those interested in the Wilkinson and Cadwell names.
(They are combined to save space on my server and because both are in my family tree.)

Important! Before contacting me about anyone in this database!
  1. Many people have contributed to the database. Please chack to see who contributed the names that you are interested in. Email to me about people that aren't in my tree probably will not be answered.
  2. Nearly everything that I know about me personal family tree is available either in the database or the available GEDCOM files below. Please don't write to ask for more information about people in the database. If I know it, it's posted.
  3. If you are a relative and would like to exchange information, great! Send me a message at scottw at wilkinsons dot com. However, please understand that I have a full-time real job and family that take priority. It's not personal if I don't get back to you quickly. If it's urgent, keep sending messages until you hear back.
I apologize if this sounds heartless, but I get hundreds of emails every day - mostly spam - and it takes away from my daddy/children time to answer them all. I have to prioritize.

How to use this database

Look through the database and see if there are any matches with your family. I'd suggest starting with the SURNAME index, but you could jump straight into the INDIVIDUALS index. Note that the same individual may be in the database more than once if more that one person is researching that individual.

Find a name that you need? Great! You have a couple of things that you can do now.
  1. Look at the list of GEDCOMs below and download all of the information. The on-line database only includes Wilkinson and Cadwell individuals and their ancestors. The GEDCOMs usually have quite a lot more information included. (I can't post the entire database due to capacity limitations on my server.)
  2. Contact the researcher that is working on that name. Their names and contact information are listed below as well.


Contributions are always welcome from anyone researching the Wilkinson or Cadwell names. I will gladly post them either in the on-line database or both. Please use the following guidelines.
  1. Send your contribution in GEDCOM format to scottw at wilkinsons dot com.
    • Put something like "Database Contribution" in the header so I don't delete it as spam. (If you're sending it from a hotmail, yahoo, or aol account, my spam filter will trap it and it may take a while for me to find it. Sorry - complain to your ISP about the spam that they generate.)
    • Please "privatize" your file. That means that information about people presumed to be living is blanked out. It helps relieve me of the burden of receiving nastygrams threatening lawsuits from your distant cousin who doesn't want their information available publicly.
  2. Let me know if you want your Wilkinson and/or Cadwell individuals and their ancestors included in the on-line database. (I can't post the entire database due to capacity limitations on my server.)
  3. Let me know if you want the entire GEDCOM posted for download.
  4. Let me know if you want any particular note associated with your contribution (e.g. "don't call me, I'll call you")
  5. Please include contact information so that searchers can contact YOU and not ME about your contribution.

The On-Line Database

Start here to look for individuals. There are currently about 2000 individuals listed from 4 contributors. There are other databases in the queue to be added, so check back often.

Many of the researchers at this site have generously donated GEDCOM files for download. Once you find an individual of interest in the on-line database, look here for a more complete family file that you can download directly.

Researcher Name
Contact Information
Scott T. Wilkinson
click here
STW Wilkinsons.GED
All Wilkinsons and their ancestors.in my personal research
STW Cadwells.GED All Cadwells and their ancestors in my personal research
STW WilkinsonCadwell.GED Combined file with all Wilkinsons and Cadwells and their ancestors.
Gordon Wilkinson
Email: gordon.wilkinson at ozemail.com.au
Website: http://www.ozemail.com.au/~neredon
53 GTWilkinson.GED
The GEDCOM contains all entries in Gordon Wilkinson's file. Only the Wilkinsons and their ancestors are on-line.
The GEDCOM files below were submitted quite a long time ago, and the contact information is no longer valid. The family data is still provided - as originally intended, and updated information on the contact information of the researchers would be greatly welcomed.
Suellen Clopton Blanton
bblanton at fast.net
All Wilkinsons and their ancestors' information is on-line. The GEDCOM contains ancilliary lines.
H. Andrew Braun
11728 Wilshire BL.
#1001, Los Angeles CA 90025
All Wilkinsons and their ancestors' information is on-line.

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