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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Google Map of Enloe 1986 Alumni

Amazing what you can do with Google Maps and some extra time spent in meetings conducted in a foreign language.

This map shows the confirmed locations for Class of 1986 alumni. Folks with unconfirmed addresses aren't on there, but will be added as they come in.

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

No Postcards Today

348 postcards sent out so far. About 40 returned. Today is the first day in over a week that no postcards will come from this address. I'm seeing them in my sleep.

I am now re-searching through real estate and legal records databases and phone directories based on information listed in the 10-year reunion handout (a remarkably poorly compiled and error-ridden document).

Some innovative hits so far
  • One classmate had an unusual first name. Although I could not find her in any directory. I finally did a web search on just her first name and got a single hit. She's working in a salon, so I've sent a postcard to her care of that salon.
  • One classmate did not show up in any directories, but his wife had a relatively unique first name. I looked up the combination of her first name and his last name and found a real estate agent with that name in the same city they lived in 10 years ago. That agency will also receive a postcard.
  • Several classmates are performers - in particular, one is in a pipe and drum corps and one is in a barbershop quartet. Emails have been sent to their booking agents.
Then there was this entertaining exchange (slightly edited to protect the not-so-innocent):
From D. to G.
Hi G.,
How are you? I see you've moved back to the Raleigh area.
Scott Wilkinson and others are spearheading an effort to reach everyone to let them know about the 20yr reunion.
Also, I was wondering if you were still in contact with K? I thought she might have contact info for J. I know they were good friends.

From G. to D.
Yeah, I've been back in Raleigh since, oh, 1997.
K. is in California now, working for Apple. Don't know if she's still keeping in touch with J. -- I'll pass this along to her.

From Scott to D.
As for J. and (blast from the past name) K., I knew both of them and actually dated K. for a while. It would be good to talk to her again, if you have a clue where she ended up.

From D. to Scott
Too funny. Do you have any idea the sheer number of people I know that
dated K.????!!! ... including myself and G. In the mid 90s
just about every guy I knew had dated her at some point. It got to the
point where some of us played 1 degree of K.

From Scott to D.
Yeah, well, I dated her first. 1985 or 1986 - something like that. Obviously ruined her for other men....

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Adventures in searching

Some interesting things discovered during searching for alumni from my Enloe High School Class of 1986 alumni

  • When doing a phone book search using names, I discovered that there is a "Star Trek" road in Raleigh, North Carolina. Imagine explaining that when placing an order. Actually it's a pretty apropos address for many of my classmates.
  • While doing a reverse phone lookup, you tend to find a lot of numbers from 10 years ago that have been reassigned to people that you've never heard of. For example, one was actually reassigned and listed as beloning to "Donnie Darko" of Angier, North Carolina. The address was actually the same as we have on file from 10 years ago, so I'm assuming that's a joke.
  • At least two of the alumni appear to have married each other, although one may have killed outlived the other one. They have the same address and phone number in the 10-year-old records, but only the female (with the male's last name) shows up on-line.

Some suggestions for upcoming graduates and others who hope to be found for their future reunions:

  • If you are a female person, please put your maiden name on your real estate transactions. I found quite a few more hits on men than on women due to name changes.
  • Give your children unique names, especially if your last name is "Smith" or some such. It is much harder to find a unique "Mark Smith" than it is to find "Ezekialaloicious Smith".

Some suggestions for future searchers:

  • Start with the existing addresses. Send postcards or emails or whatever. That's be a good weeding out beginning to the process and isn't too expensive - just labor intensive.
  • Search real-estate records in the area where your high school was located. Especially at later reunions (like the 20th) odds are good that most of your classmates have purchased a home.
  • Do reverse phone book lookups on any old phone numbers. Even when people move, they often take their number with them. If nothing else, you'll get candidate addresses and potentially some new last names for women who've dropped their maiden names.
  • When printing labels for printing, print one page at a time. The printing gets off a little bit more on each page, so you end up with 2 or 3 pages of useful labels and 10 pages of trash.

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Enloe High School Class of 1986 - Looking for Alumni

Latest update: May 12, 10:42am

The status of classmates on this page is out of date. The updated status for the reunion is now being tracked on the Wiki site.

By default, I have ended up in charge of locating folks for the William G. Enloe High School Class of 1986 20th Year Reunion. All of this is being posted here to get these names into the search engines. For everyone else, I apologize for eating your bandwidth.

Below is a list of all alumni that we know of from the class. The actual contact information is posted on the semi-private, class-only Wiki site.

  • Names in the first group are of people that we have absolutely no information about.
  • Names in the second group are people that we have contact information from the 10-year reunion, but nothing since. Postcards have been sent to those old addresses, and we expect most of them will move to the first or last column eventually.
  • Names in the third group we believe we may have some contact information for - gleaned from the web, phone books, etc. - and we're in the process of contacting them. This list is expected to diminish just like the second column.
  • Names in the last group have been found and confirmed.
  • Names in bold have recently moved from one list to another.
  • (1/27) I've added married/changed names when I know them. The format is First Original (New), since we all know you by your 1986 name.
  • (2/22) Now tracking RSVPs. Names in green in the Found! group are confirmed attending. Names in red are confirmed not able to attend.
Please contact me if you know someone here - especially someone in the first three columns. Also, please see these pages:

No information

Janice Carol Allen
Anthony Allred
Chris Alvarez
Angela Andrew
Parker Andrews
Laurie Ardis
Raymond Artis
Darnell Baker
Laura Ballance
Michael Barbee
Wayne Batten
Belinda Battle
Lance Bell
Rodna Wrenn Bishop
Wanda Blackman (Hampton)
Lore Bleft
Tina Bolick
Michael Bonelli
Jessica Bowes
Devra Branch
Arnold Brantilly
Jeff Breeden
Marcus Britt
Randy Brock
Alecia Brower
Michael Buchin
Gerald Bullock
John Bullock
Desi Campbell
Karon Canady
Sharon Canady
Catherine Cates
Andrew Chappell
In-Sung Cho
Lawrence Christmas
Tyrone Christmas
Charlton Clarkson
Martin Clemons

Mary Coble
Melissa Cogan
Sonya Culver

Clinton Davis
James Davis
Petrina Davis

Sherry Deberry
Gregory Dickerson
Sherry Dickerson
Reginald Dudley
Purvis Dunn
Maurice Durham
Tracey Eason
Kim Edwards
Chip Ellis
Kimberly Epley
James Eubanks
Tonya Evans
Matthias Fankhauser

Karen Faulkner
Elena Felder

James Ferrell
Gwyn Finch
Laura Fishpaw
Roderic Fowler

Michael Frontiero
Evelyn Garcia
Pamela Gillespie
Sharron Gilliam
Ronnie Glover
Angelia Gordon
Mary Griffin
Dolly Gursharan
Heidi Gutt
Christine Hagwood
Melanie Hales
Michelle Harper
Pamela Harris
Michael Harrison
Brian Haynes
Julian Haywood
Sonya Hodge
Vonda Holder
Charles Horne
Kenneth Horton
Michael Howell
Dena Hubbard
Meloni Hunnicutt
Tammy Hunnicutt (Pope)
Christopher Hunt
John Hunter
Aundrea Jacobs
Dondi Jeffers
Divida Johnson
Ellen Johnson
Anthony Jones
Jacqueline Jones
Michelle Jones
David Jordan

Krista Kasdorf-Connard
Dolly Kaur
Terence Kearney
Kenneth Keever
Sherry Kittrell
Sandra Kluttz
Amy Lamm
Martha Lancaster
Jamilah Land
Pam Lassiter
Ronald Laws
Laura Lee

William Lee
Katherine Ann Lloyd
David Logan
Lisa Macomber
George Mahurin
Andrew Maness
Ann Michelle Matheny
Ashlee McClain
Timothy McCray
Robert McCuIlers
Lillianne McDonald
Cari Merritt
Audra Mickens
Jimena Mitchell

Marguita Mitchell
Reggie Montgomery
Barbara Moore
Donald Moore
Richard Morgan
Martha Mulholland
Valerie Nance
Will Oates
Kent Oglesby
Darrell O'Neal
Sara Oppenheim

Diana Ostrander
Warren Palley
Debra Parker
Edward Percival
Sheronda Pernell
Kimberly Perry

Ronnie Peterson
Stacey Philp
Stephanie Pipkin
Miriam Prescott
Katherine Pysher

Rebecca Reeder
Addie Reid
Elfonza (David) Rhodes
Vernita Richardson
Derek Robinson
Andrew Ross
Larry Rowland
Katherine Sabre
Grady Sanders
Gregory Saulter
Maria Selsor
Paul Sexton

Amold Stokley

Shanda Stroud
Shema Sumner
Stephanie Swisher
Donald Taylor
Edward Taylor
Lawrence Taylor

Lucy Terrell
David Thomas
Rochelle Turrentine
Kim Uhorchak
Amy Walker
Carol Walker
Mary Wall

Chris Warner
Page Warner
Patricia Watkins
Vincent Wells
Darryl Whitaker
Anetta Wieft
Jack Williams
Reginald Williams

Pamela Wood
Annetta Wright
Cassandra Wright

Tammy Wynne
Sherry Yarborough
Nothing in 10 Years
Eric Algood
Laurenta Allen
Robert Anderson
Diana Barbee
Haywood Boddie
John (Doug) Boyette
Michael Cahall
William (Randy) Choplln
Martin Ciemons
Dwayne Collins
Stephanie Critcher
Anita Deaver
Sylvia Douglass
Bobby Foil
Scott Forster
Trevor Garner
Alfreda Gist

Artis Glenn
Elizabeth Gourley (Read)
Scott Hawke
Audrey Hicks (Grindstaff)
Frederick (Tad) Hines
Meloni Hinnant

Melvin (Craig) Hollifleld
Stefan Hulf
Linwood Jeffreys
Tasha Jiles
Lance Johnson
Mark Jones
Cynthia Kitchen
Diane Lewis

Linda Mack
Gregory Mann
Kathleen McHale
Craig McPherson
Carolyn Miller
Miriam Monk
Elizabeth Olejar
Laurence Purvine

Edward Roberts
Inessa Sanders
Theron Sharber

Margaret Smith
Suzanne Tolar
Vickie Wagner
Theodis (Lamont) Watkins
Kimberly Wiley

Some Leads
Doctor K Aal-Anubia
Carla Adams
Tonya Adams
Lorena Adcock
Eric Algood

Brigette Almonor
Eugene Armistead
Terry Austin
Brantley Blanchard
Johnny Blaylock
Mary Anne Boda
Kenneth Booker
Vernon Boykin
Angel Brantley
Cathy Bridges (Braswell)
George Browning
Scott Bryant
Colin Campbell
Kenneth Campbell
Anne Casterlin
Michael Chua
Amy Clark
William Conely
MichelIe Davis
James Debrull
Sherri Dodd (Tumicelli)
Walter Dozier
Richard Elliott
Anthony Evans
Patrick Ferracane
Robert Fussell
Wesley Garner

Jeffrey Gosztyla
Aron Gottlieb
John Grovenstein
Gregory Gulas
Henry (Hal) Hammond
James Hampton
Vicki High (Stuart)
Teresa Hodges
Peter Hotlhausen
Christopher Hunter
Wilbert Hunter
Kathleen Ide
Robert (Danny) Irlbeck
Scotty Johnson
Melinda Jones
Everette Jordan

Yong Lee
Timothy Little
Joy Ludwick (Chobot)
Graham Mainwaring
Sharon Mangum
Victor Matthews
Samuel Mauney
Thomas McGinnis
Michael McLean
Ivy McManus
Andre Montague
Keith Moore
Carole Murdock (Bass)
Anna Murphy
Anthony (Tony) Murray
Lashonda MurreIl
Todd Nuckolls
Anthony Outlaw
David Overton

Ryan Perry
Wanda Person
John Peterman
Philippe Proteau
Dewayne Sanders
Kanak Singh
Victor Carlyle Stewart
Richard Suggs
Laura Syria
Thornton Taylor
Christopher Terry
Eric Truesdale
Lisa Vockeroth

Shelley West
Donald (Greg) Wilder
Terri Williams
Tonya Wilson
green = attending the reunionred = unable to attend

Diana Aguirre (Watkins)
Janice Alford (Sherron)
Alisa Alston

Shannon (Benee) Allen (Connelly)
Alisa Alston
John (Zach) Ambrose
Theresa Anderson (Cozart)
Eugene Armistead
Sheletta Arrington-Harris
Michelle Barefoot (Gerringer)

Sara Beck (Zhong)
Ruth Belovicz (Roazen)
Sheila Bennett
Brian Bergin
Robert Binns
Steve Blackwood
Charles Brabec
Lore Bright (Price)
Waymond Burton
Judith Bush
Jeffrey Butterworth
Maria Casey (Glennon)
Vikas Chandra
Carole Chalifour
Claudia Chalmers (Hinson)
Sharon Churchill (McGee)
Steven Churchill
Clint Compton
Darin Cox
Tammy Dail (Waters)
Carla Davis
Donald Dearborn
Bobbie Debnam
Rosemarie Deleon (Tikvart)
Ameet Dhillon
John Doherty
Alicia Easterling
Nancy Edwards (Musselman)
Persondra Edwards
Christopher Fairweather
George (Morsi) Flemming
Kathleen (Kathy) Foster (Newton)
Ruth Ann Freeman (Ulmer)
Willie Freeman
Albert (Gene) Furr
Russell Gantman
James (JC) Glasgow
Jinan Glasgow
Frank Godfrey

William Goodnight
Shelley Graham (Sanders)
Kirk Griffin
Sam Griffin
Sumedha (Sumi) Gupta (Ariely)
Belinda Haines
Tiersa Hall (Tavana)
Sirena Hardy
David Hawkins
Diana Lyn Heater
Mitzi Hembrick (Spell)
Andre Hinton
Jennelle Hollandsworth (Holland)
Adrian Holt
Robin Hudson
Lori Hutchins (Parkman)
Alicia Huyler (Sanders)
Marty Ingram
Kimberly Izzo (Hough)
Kenneth Earl Jeffries
Javord Jenkins
Lewis Johnson
Randall Johnson
Lin Jones
Paul Jones
Susan Keever (Borgesi)
Karen Kelley
Todd Kelley
Paul Keys
Crystal Killian (Lee)
Suzanne Lahl
Michelle Lamy (Pierce)
Heather Lang
Kimberly Lang (Perkins)
Charles Lanier
Karen Leach (Hunter)
Michael Leach
Kimberly Leonard (Drakeford)
Kendall Lloyd
Melanie Mann (West)
Michele Maroon
Christopher Martin
Lucretia Martin (Porter)
Cheryl McCall (Wiggins)
Candace McClain (Jones)
Preston McClain
Sharon McColl (Call)
Beverly McCollum
Jody McGee
Neal McKnight
Barry McNamera
Anna Marie Medlin (Heilig)
Stephen Migol
Bruce Minor
Steven Moody
David Mosier
Wayne (Eddie) Mullins
Erica Murkofsky
Christopher (Christine) Newton (Bush)
Peter Ng
Lien Nguyen
Loan Nguyen
Paul O'Keefe
Lisa O'Neil
Grace Oh (La)
Ray Osborne
Bob Page
Kimberly (Kim) Partin
Brian Payst
Luan Phillips (Cox)
Margaret (Meg) Poe
Sera Pritchard (Lewis)
J. Branson Prosser
John Ramsey
Chermayne Rayford (Hardaway)
Arthur Raymond
Andy Raynor
Gregory Reasoner (DeKoenigsberg)
Shauna Rempfer (Blevins)
Hyo Rhee
Lee Rink
Kim Rogers (Ware)
Joseph (Royden) Saah
David Sadi
John Sanford
David Savage
Michele (Micki) Schramm (Bare)
Robin Schulstad (Stanaway)
Sunjay Shah
Byron Shaw
Dana Shute
Leanne Simpkins
Alan Sims
James (Neal) Singletary
Kimberly Snell (Thompson)
David (Eric) Snider
Mark Richard Speranza
Marrissa Steele (McNeese)
Angie Stephenson
Mike Strickland
Ingrid Sullivan
Gary Sutton
Tammy Taylor (Martin)
Christopher Tector
Julian Thomas
Sharon Thomas
Nicholas Ulmer
Meredith Valentine
Monique Vandoonewaard (Neville)
Marvin Vines
Melissa Walker (Mack)
Amy Warner (Alfaro)
Angela Watson (Palmer)
Shawn Welch
Brian Welcker
Constance (Connie) White (Bridges)
John White
Michele Wilcenski
Scott Wilkinson
Nicola (Nikki) Willis
Jackie Windham (Bowlin)
Lisa Womack (Blackwood)
Lawrence (Larry) Wray

Victor Blue
Doyle Bridgers
Lance Dessasau
Tony Kearney
Ronald Laws
Silas Smith

Status on January 24: No information (115), Nothing in 10 years (157), Some Information (88), Found! (82)
Staus on April 11: No information (186), Nothing in 10 years (50) Some Information (88), Found! (155)

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

W. G. Enloe High School Class of 1986 Video Yearbook

OK, it's a small and low quality version of a 20-year-old videotape. Still, you can pick out a few people and activities in there.

Right click here to download and save the file on your machine.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

W. G. Enloe Class of 1986 20-Year Reunion

It's nearly that time, hard to believe.

If you're a member of the class, go to Brian Bergin's Enloe Class of 1986 site and get on the contact list and join the email exploder. There's a lot of fascinating information already starting to flow.

Also, post your life story on Charles Brabec's Wiki Site for the Enloe Class of 1986.

And look at and post old photos at Chip Lanier's Enloe Class of 1986 Blog.

I'll post any more links as I find them.

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