reBOOKed is a simple way to share your library with your friends, colleagues, club members, family, and others.

Do people spend time in your home looking through your book collection?

Do you enjoy loaning out your favorite books to your friends so they can enjoy them, too?

Do you have trouble finding books required for school requirements because they are always checked out from your library?

With reBOOKed, you can put your books onto bookshelves, share those bookshelves with specific circles of people, and let everyone know if they are available to borrow, to buy, or just to give away.


Getting Started

Welcome to reBOOKed! We are thrilled to have you with us! To get started sharing books with your friends, family, and neighbors, follow the steps below. Read the FAQ for more details.

  1. Register. This should be obvious, but we want to be thorough. You can either register via Facebook by clicking the big blue button or use the reBOOKed username/password system.
  2. Enter books. When you register, reBOOKed automatically creates a bookshelf for you to store your books in. You wouldn't want to be a freeloader and just sponge off of your friends' libraries, would you?
  3. Join a circle or two. Circles are where you share your books with your friends.
  4. Start sharing!

That's it. You're up and running and can search for books and share the ones that you own. Enjoy!

Use the reBOOKed login system.


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